Developing and implementing an Operational Excellence Strategy


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle. Operational Excellence is more than a strategy. It is a philosophy of leadership to continually improve processes that deliver value to customers. Organisations that are successful have a clear focus of the product/service areas that customer’s value, ensure that teams and processes continually improve these areas and minimise activities that add no value to customers.

This requires developing an Operational Excellence Strategy, aligning department, team goals and operational initiatives with the strategy and then engaging people and developing performance.

Who is it for?

Managers that have responsibility for operational and service improvement within their teams/departments, including;

  • Operations Directors/General Managers
  • Department Managers.
  • Customer Service Managers

What are the benefits?

By the end of the module you will be able to;

  • Understand how to develop your operational strategy to improve the product/service areas that customers value
  • Define the order winner and order qualifier attributes of operational performance
  • Understand how to align department, team goals and operational initiatives with the strategy
  • Understand how to engaging people and develop team/department performance.
  • Understand how motivate and influence teams in organizations to gain commitment to a course of action

Course Content

  • Value from the customers perspective
    • Key Principles of Operational Excellence Value Stream Thinking
  • Identifying the value discipline to excel at. ‘The Discipline of Market Leaders – Treacy and Wiersema;
    • Product Leadership
    • Operational Excellence
    • Customer Intimacy
  • Setting organisational performance targets
    • Defining the order winner performance objectives
    • Defining Order qualifiers performance objectives
  • Aligning department and team goals with corporate strategy
    • Strategy deployment
  • Engaging people and developing performance
    • Sharing the vision
    • Types of power
    • Coaching
    • Team Development
  • Motivation and influence of teams in organizations to gain commitment to a course of action
    • Motivational models
    • Dynamics of motivation
    • Applying influence and persuasion
  • Monitoring performance and making changes where necessary
    • Performance evaluation
    • Team performance meetings
    • Performance appraisals


  • 3*1 day workshops with hand-outs, plus tutorial support during application of learning outcomes.
  • Please note that this module is eligible for accreditation at Chartered Management Institute Level 7
    • Work based assignment guidance to evidence application of the learning outcomes
    • Tutorial support to discuss and provide guidance during the work based assignment.
    • A one time registration/membership fee is payable to cover all CMI module accreditation credits.(approx. £240 + VAT)