Leadership skills for Team Leaders


First line managers, or team leaders, have to balance the demands of day to day operational management with the demands of leadership. Their role has changed significantly in recent years from ‘supervision’ to ‘team leadership’, including; motivation, development and performance management. The leadership aspects of their role are often under-developed and research has shown that they have the greatest impact on employee attitudes and behaviours in an organisation.

This course will help you to understand the links and differences between management and leadership. You will understand the best way to improve teamwork and to sustain team performance through continuous team development and improvement.

Who is it for?

  • Team Managers and anyone that is involved in managing teams
  • Department Managers

Course Content

  • Understanding the links and differences between management and leadership
    • Significance of leadership for managers
    • Style of leadership
    • Balance between the demands of management and the demands of leadership
  • Leader’s role in the creation of the vision and objectives and in its communication to the team
    • Establishing team goals and objectives
    • Ethical leadership, emotional intelligence and behavioural traits to build trust
  • Leadership styles to sustain continuous improvement
    • Situational leadership
      • how situational variables influence the choice of leadership style
    • How personal energy, self-belief and commitment impact on leadership styles
  • Leading the continuous improvement of the team
    • Developing task needs
      • Designing team capability and resources to manage tasks and processes
    • Developing Team needs
      • Maintaining team motivation and behaviour norms
    • Developing Individual needs
      • Maintaining individual needs within the team


  • 4 * ½ day workshops with hand-outs, including tutorial support during application of learning outcomes.
  • Optional Chartered Management Institute Level 5 accreditation credits;
    • Work based assignment guidance to evidence application of the learning outcomes
    • Tutorial support to discuss and provide guidance during the work based assignment.