Management of individuals and team to improve performance


In modern organization, most of work is done in teams, yet the results of teamwork are exceptionally mixed. Many teams fail to realize their potential and frequently underperform due to a lack of clear objectives, individual conflicts, or lacking engagement and motivation from team members.

You will understand how to continuously improve your team performance by establishing clear goals and objectives that are understood and shared by the team.

You will understand the drivers of performance and motivation of individuals within teams and causes of satisfaction and dis-satisfaction. By having a better understanding of values and needs of your team you will be able to manage individuals within the team so that they are motivated to attain the team’s objectives.

Who is it for?

  • Team Managers and anyone that is involved in managing teams
  • Department Managers

Course Content

  • Setting effective Goals and expectations for your team and individuals
    • How goals increase performance
    • SMART objectives
    • Giving objectives meaning
  • Managing performance against objectives and providing feedback
    • Using Visual performance measures to measure performance against objectives
    • Performance improvement cycle
    • Evaluating team performance
    • Effective feedback
  • Understanding the causes of conflict,
    • Strategies used to minimise or prevent conflict
  • Providing guidance and support to improve performance
    • Creating a Culture of Teamwork Through Norms and Expectations
    • Drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction
    • Extrinsic and intrinsic motivators of individuals in teams
    • Understanding the values and needs of your team
    • Role of the manager in implementing both a disciplinary and a grievance procedure


  • 4 * ½ day workshops with hand-outs, including tutorial support during application of learning outcomes;
  • Optional Chartered Management Institute Level 5 accreditation credits;
    • Work based assignment guidance to evidence application of the learning outcomes
    • Tutorial support to discuss and provide guidance during the work based assignment.