Lean Management

Lean Management is a philosophy of leadership, focussing on identifying what customers’ value from our products/services and then using lean methodologies to continually improve processes to deliver value to customers.
Implementing Lean Management requires the successful integration of the following 5 elements;

  1. Developing and implementing an Operational Excellence Strategy
  2. Applying lean methodology to improve business processes.
  3. Continuous improvement for solving problems and improving quality
  4. Leadership skills for Team Leaders to develop high performing teams
  5. Managing teams to improve performance.
Operational Excellence is more than a strategy. It is a philosophy of leadership to continually improve processes that deliver value to customers.
This two-day workshop has been designed for individuals and teams that want to be able to apply a proven lean methodology to improve their processes.
This workshop explains how continuous improvement can solve problems and improve quality. It provides a practical approach for implementing improvements using the successful Toyota Improvement Kata methodology.
This course will help you to understand the links and differences between management and leadership.
You will understand how to continuously improve your team performance by establishing clear goals and objectives that are understood and shared by the team.