Communicating and Implementing Change with Teams


People play a key role in the success (or failure) of implementing change. Consequently it is important to understand how to engage them with the benefits of change and also understand what barriers there may be to making the changes. This workshop combines the practical elements of the Kotter and Prosci change implementation models, using the acronym ‘ADKAR’, to help leaders plan a successful change implementation that involves teams and individuals.

Who is it for?

The workshop is designed for organisations and leaders that have a change initiative planned and want to maximise the involvement of teams/individuals through the communication and implementation of the change project.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the programme participants will;

  • Understand the communication and implementation steps to ensure employee engagement with the change project.
  • Understand an approach to assess readiness for change
  • Understand an approach to capture potential barriers to change

Communicating and Implementing Change Workshop Content


  • Awareness and Readiness for Change
    • Translating the vision into implications for teams and individuals, with timescales and next steps.
    • Communicating and explaining the need for change and how this will help the business or team
    • Assessing awareness and readiness to change.
  • Desire
    • Translating the change into meaningful terms and helping to answer “What’s in it for me?”
    • Identifying practical barriers preventing the change
  • Knowledge
    • Identifying knowledge required for staff to make the changes and planning when training should happen.
  • Ability
    • Converting knowledge to capability with coaching and hand on practice
  • Reinforcement
    • Establishing the new habits with processes and reinforcement to prevent ‘slipping back’ to old habits.
    • Identifying the need to provide additional awareness/training/
    • Measuring success and positive recognition


  • Increase the probability of successfully implementing business changes
  • Develop and sustain employee commitment and alignment with organizational purpose during times of change.
  • Integrate change planning within the project planning process.


  • 1 day workshop